Framing and Art – Is it Worth it?

Stack of frames

Stack of frames

There are lots of artists that don’t frame their work, and I get asked a lot if it really adds value (£).

We all know that a framed piece of art looks more complete (usually) and protects it when hung on a wall. But there’s more to it.

If you’ve got a digital print that you can print again and again, then you won’t necessarily want to go for a full UV resistant museum grade glass with all the extras – but if you’re framing your artwork that you want to protect and last for as long as possible, then it definitely makes sense.

Another important fact is that when you frame your artwork, it can sell for (on average) 30% more than unframed. So as long as you’re not selling artwork for very little, that 30% increase makes framing a great investment.

Overall it’s down to you and your artwork, and you have to find a good framer that both take care of your welded frameartwork and takes time on their craft. Don’t just hunt down the cheapest framer you can – I’ve seen some framers use hot glue on artwork and textile art to secure it into place – so ask if they use non-destructive fixing techniques.

A frame can improve and add to the look and feel of your art – you should never underestimate that. If a customer doesn’t like the frame, they can reframe it – but this happens less often than you would expect.

Remember – there are countless different types of frames and techniques for framing, so make sure you talk to your framer and get them to explain things to you, so you can ensure it adds to your vision for the artwork.


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